Basic 3 Programming Languages Every Beginner Must Know

Basic 3 Programming Languages Every Beginner Must Know

It’s not an unknown concept that a programmer should learn one new programming language every year to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing software industry. But there are few programming languages that every programmer learns in order to secure a job in the IT industry.In this article we have written about the basic three programming languages that a beginner should start learning the programming world.


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Java is one of the oldest and most reliable programming language that we have, Java language is ruling the programming languages from last twenty years, It’s mostly used for side server development, mobile games and android applications development. Java allows the learner to understand the basics of the coding at fundamental level. Java is universal and is used everywhere, that’s why java is the most basic language for the beginner to start learning coding.


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Python language is full popular in the schools and colleges all over the world, it’s because it is very simple and straight forward, it’s easily readable and understandable. Coding is very less when compared with other coding languages, this allows the programmer to code in less time. There are so many resources for the beginners to learn python. Back-end jobs need people with python skills, and python can be used for image processing and machine leaning encryptions. Python is also an object oriented programming language. Basically python will provide wonderful career opportunities. Lakhs of jobs all around the world requires python in the skills required for the jobs.

Java Script:

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This programming language is at high demand right now due to it’s vast user interface and interactive aspects with client side. Java and Java script are two completely different languages, the first is a programming language while the latter is scripting language, it is also very easy to learn after python. Most of the websites and web browsers use java script in the front end processes. Java Script increased it’s popularity in last five years immensely. A beginner can start building and developing websites and games straight away using java script. If you are very interested to learn java script, it should be on top of your programming language list.

These are the most important basic languages a programmer should learn if he is willing to learn computer programming, For beginners it might just be like a hobby, It can turn out to be an exciting profession and career if the learner wants to!