Open Source Software for Animation

 Open Source Software for Animation

In last few decades, the Disney, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have ruled the animation world in the gaming industry. Animation software has given their best tools in the movie and gaming industry for creating avatars.  So, Animation software helps in creating motion from the animated objects. This helps the artists by creating the drafts and uses this to move the frames for creating the illusions along with motions. This can be basis of creating an animation feature whereas the modern animation software tools help in adding multiple effects and additional objects with the simple animation. Nowadays, animation software tools are used in all categories thus by reducing the price in production for the special effects. Below are the open source software for animation.


blender animation software

Blender software has become more advanced in the tools for the animation. This is the popular used tools which is completely free to use with the open source tool. In this tool, software has all features and functions that could include in the software and gives the paid and premium competitors a run for their money. So, blenders can be used from movies to games and considered as the best animation software for the animators.

Synfig Studio

synfig studio animation software

Synfig Studio is used among the comic and cartoon creators which is a 2D animation software that could add 3D features to the animation. Vector Tweening is the main reason for Synfig Studio for enabling seamless frame to frame integration. This software tool is based on a Bitmap Art frame that enables on minor tweaking of color bits.  Sometimes, it might look like basic but the Synfig Studio has a advanced features that look like best tool for 2D animators.

Openz Toolz

opentoonz animation software

Openz Toolz is an advanced animation tool which includes lot of features and functions. Openz Toolz is a powerful drawing tools that can help in scaling and modelling of animation features. This tool can be very efficient for frame by frame animation and with features like tweening, tracking and the frame integration is very less. So, Scripting can be another feature that is added to the list. Even Particle system can be added which helps in adding minutes animation video.

Apart from these, they are range of premium and advanced software tools which is available on the internet. Hope that blog has covered all the topics in my article about open source software for animation. Thanks for reading!