What Are The Best Software For Interior Design?

What Are The Best Software For Interior Design?

If you are an interior designer and thinking about integrating designing software in your work then this article will help you to find the best software that you can use right now regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert. The software has replaced the old and traditional methods of drawing, designing and rendering. It is very easy and convenient to make complex and amazing designs using interior designing software and addition to that it allows more precise outputs.

Here is a list of top interior designing software you need to try in 2019

Sketch Up

Sketch Up is also known as Google SketchUp in the past when Google-owned it from 2006 to 2012. It is an interior designing tool that is quite popular among the designing community because it is easy to learn and builds provide foundation to learn more complex applications. It comes into two versions one is the SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro, the former is the free version and the latter is the paid version of the product. It also comes with an online open-source library known asĀ  the 3D Warehouse.

Autodesk 3D Max

AutoDesk 3D max is another application for interior design, it is known for its ease of use .i.e. functionality. It is a perfect application if you are just starting out to learn interior design or if you want to switch from the traditional drawing. But it might look difficult to use this application as there are many commands, as there each command functions differently. So it is better to learn all the commands before working in real projects.

Autodesk Autocad

Autodesk Autocad is one of the most complex interior designing applications that are available in the market. As it requires a lot of training and practice to master all the command and shortcuts of Autocad. It can help a designer to build complex structures and objects. As it is one of the highly-rated application and the rate of success for creating and manipulating design is very high. You will able to create excellent and 3D models using this application.


Infurnia is the last application for interior designing, it boasts itself as the first application that is cloud-enabled. It allows the user to access the file remotely and faster. It allows the user to perform both 2D and 3D drawings and has the catalog feature which allows the user to add different elements in the prototype model.