Why Is Information Technology So Important Today?

Why Is Information Technology So Important Today?

Information Technology evolved during the 1960’s and 70’s, at the beginning stage only banking sector, mathematical engineers and scientists used this technology. When the PC was introduced to the world, suddenly almost all the fields started using PC for storing, executing and transferring the data. In the past few decades there has been an unimaginable surge in the use of Information Technology. All the gadgets we use today exist due to the developments in Information Technology. Today Information Technology conquered all the major fields like Business, Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Security.

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When computers were introduced in the Business world, it changed forever. Many businesses started using PC to store their data and run their departments smoother and faster. It has allowed to keep up with the increased demand and supply in consumers. Now a days we can get what ever we want just by doing few clicks on desired websites from wherever we are sitting.

Education world was changed and evolved completely due to the introduction of Information technology. Children of today are the elders of tomorrow and they should be given all the knowledge that we have to them in order to ensure better future for humanity and also our planet. IT has already revolutionised the education industry and is developing continuously. Within a decade we won’t be having classes and colleges, everything can be learned digitally.

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In Finance Industry with the sudden surge in online shopping and purchases, it’s more important then ever to provide more security to the consumer transactions being done. Thanks to information technology online transactions have never been this easier. Along with many corporate retail giants, multiple number of small businesses have been setup online.

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Medical field is the most benefitted due to the rise in Information Technology. Doctors can now easily access the files of patients digitally and provide them better treatment. It helped in reducing the paperwork done by doctors and medical staff and It’s never been easier to store unlimited data digitally.

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Finally, the most important aspect of Information Technology is the security. There is infinity amount o information online abut everything and all humans, that needs to be protected from many external and internal threats. IT helps to secure and encrypt the data and allow to be accessed by certain companies who has the permission from the person.

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Rise in Information Technology gave rise to globalization, we are more connected now than in the past 10,000 years. This helps in accessing and spreading the information to any corner of the planet.